September 23-25, 2015 in Oklahoma City, OK

MAIN SESSIONS ARE SOLD OUT - BUT join us for Influencer's Dinner and Action Workshop

Many leaders in the community and church space are working together to find common ground in the areas of relationships and reconciliation, especially in the wake of so many national tragedies and difficulties. In light of this, we are expanding our annual gathering to cover these pressing topics.
We invite you to join The Mentoring Project and other leaders from across the country to participate in this critical conversation.

From the evening of Wednesday, September 23 to Saturday, September 26, we are holding a special gathering called PLACE. PLACE is a convening of 300 diverse leaders, engaging in a reconciliatory and equipping conversation on navigating the way forward. We are honored to have top leaders speaking into this conversation, including: Dr. John Perkins, Bob Goff, Sister Rosemary, Joshua Dubois, Annie Downs, Brandon Heath, Donald Miller, Lt. Wayland Cubit, John Sowers, Rosanna Tomiuk, Rob Morris, John Luke Robertson, Kari Sowers, Daniel De Jesus, Josh Kouri, Blair Humphreys and many others.

  • On Wednesday, night the September 23rd, we have an exclusive rooftop dinner for speakers and a limited number of participants - music by the incredible Brandon Heath.
  • On Thursday and Friday, September 24th and 25th, PLACE Conference Main Sessions will be held at the LYRIC Theater in Oklahoma City.
  • On Saturday, September 26th, post-conference Action Workshop will be focused on turning ideas into regional commitments, experienced practitioners will guide participants through discussion of the main sessions and building out transformative ideas by region - practitioners from across the country will share best practices.

Due to the intimate nature of this gathering, registration is extremely limited, please register your participation before the event is sold out!


Full schedule details available HERE (scroll down to bottom of page)


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We are gathering a scholarship fund for young leaders who would like to attend PLACE, but who do not have the resources to purchase tickets to PLACE.  GIFT-it-forward by contributing to the PLACE scholarship fund to allow The Mentoring Project to host a small group of mentors and young leaders who otherwise could not attend. THANK YOU!


Terms & Conditions

All ticket sales are final. The Mentoring Project cannot offer refunds, exchanges or any other alternative arrangements. Ticket prices may increase or decrease based on fill rates and/or special promotions. Lodging and food are not included in ticket price. The main venue for Place Conference is The Lyric Theater, in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, located at 1725 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Special events and break-out sessions may occur at nearby venues in OKC. The Mentoring Project will not provide transportation to any events associated with the production of Place Conference. Parking expenses are not included in the cost of your ticket(s); please be prepared for street / neighborhood parking. It is possible, although highly unlikely, that one or more of our speakers may not be able to appear due to unforeseen circumstances.

By attending Place Conference, you are granting permission to The Mentoring Project and its affiliates to capture your image and/or likeness, voice or written evaluation to use in promoting Place Conference or any other efforts initiated by The Mentoring Project.

We cannot wait to have you join us!