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In the United States alone, there are some 25 million youth growing up fatherless. This is a personal tragedy and a collective epidemic.  Countless statistics tell us that children from fatherless homes are more likely to: drop out of school, become teenage parents, join gangs and experiment with drugs. The fatherless story is not ending well.

We believe this can change...

Our President, John Sowers often says, "This generation has been wounded the most in relationships - it is in relationships where the healing must begin." We believe that mentoring is a way to rewrite the fatherless story. Mentors are the 'quiet heroes' of the movement. At The Mentoring Project, we inspire and equip people to become mentors.

You are filling out this form because you want to leave the sidelines and jump into community transformation.  The Mentoring Project carefully screens and monitors mentors who wish to participate in our program.  Please know that not all mentor applicants will receive a match for mentoring.  This background check is an important step in qualifying you to engage with The Mentoring Project as a mentor.  This form asks a lot of nitty gritty information - hang in there, it's all important to ensure the safety of our deserving kids.  ALL OF YOUR CONFIDENTIAL ANSWERS WILL BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.  Questions?  Please e-mail The Mentoring Project via

Long Live Mentoring!

Applicant Information

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The Following is for State and Federal Background Check

Please answer the following questions with full transparency.  If you have questions, please contact The Mentoring Project via  

Have you been accused, charged with or convicted of any offense involving:

Final Steps

The Mentoring Project is a registered 501(c)(3). We work to steward funds towards programming for kids as much as possible.  Would you please consider donating the cost of some or all of your background check?  It costs The Mentoring Project $34.74 to run your background check.  Your choice to donate towards the cost of your background check is completely optional and does not impact your qualification to become a mentor.  If you are able, we would love your help on this line item.  THANK YOU!


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Terms & Conditions

I understand that The Mentoring Project has a careful selection process for its mentoring program. Not all applicants will receive a mentor match.

The Mentoring Project runs state and federal background checks through Verified Person, Inc. ( Additionally, The Mentoring Project checks each mentor candidate’s information against local and national sex offender databases as well as child abuse registries.

I acknowledge this policy and consent to The Mentoring Project running a full state and federal background check. I also acknowledge that The Mentoring Project will likely run my background check again on a periodic basis if I am selected as a mentor. I understand that the utmost care must be taken to protect the children and young adults involved in mentoring.